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I have lived in Vancouver since 2007 after moving out from Calgary for University. Now that I have graduated and am working, I am now free to dine out and cook more foods that I enjoy. I want to share my experiences with you!

Ho Fung Chinese Restaurant

Finally. I have tried food from Ho Fung. Many times, I have contemplated whether I should order from Ho Fung or another Chinese restaurant. As you can see, I have chosen other restaurants over this one before finally getting to try it out. Why you ask? It’s because there weren’t many reviews on this place… and recent ones. I didn’t want to order their dinner for 2 because I’m tired of it, so I ordered items from their menu; I wanted to have some dishes that I haven’t had for a very long time and that I am familiar with. 

I ordered peking style pork chops, ma-po tofu, and salted fish and chicken fried rice. It was awkward because I put my egg food allergy in the comments so I asked for it to be taken out of the fried rice. My fried rice came with eggs. Sad, sad face. I called them back and they apologized and told me my rice will be replaced shortly. Unfortunately, because I ordered deep fried pork chops, they started getting soggy since I had to wait another 30 minutes. Don’t worry, I did try it when it arrived but those details will be described later. The phone call was awkward because you could hear the argument between the staff for a minute in Cantonese - the order said no eggs but we didn’t see it. They did apologize and told me to order over the phone next time since they sometimes accidentally skip reading the comments when it is busy. I was offered a take-out menu as their apology (in addition to not having to pay delivery fees again). Note to self, and anyone else out there with dietary needs: call them to order. The delivery man also offered an apology and reminded me to call next time to prevent this from happening again.

I was incredibly hungry so I could have taken nicer photos but… after waiting an additional 30-40 minutes for my rice, I had to dig in.

The salted fish and chicken fried rice was really delicious. There was just enough salted fish for the flavor to spread throughout the dish without making it too salty and the minced chicken had a lot of flavor. You could also get hints of the smokiness meaning that it was cooked over high heat. Overall, it was pretty solid. My only complaint is that I got less rice in the replacement than the one with eggs. 


The Peking Style Pork Chops was a complete fail. Although I enjoyed the sauce, I was also surprised because it was not the bright red that I am used to seeing. It also wasn’t as sour as I expected to be, as the dish should be. The batter was terrible. The first thing I noticed was the color of the batter: yellow. Too many eggs in the batter was my immediate thought. The texture wasn’t soggy or crisp, it was spongy. Yep, too much egg. It was very off putting because I couldn’t textually tell the difference between the fat and meat because the batter was so spongy and overwhelmed everything. Over the next few days, I somehow managed to finish the dish because I felt bad for throwing it away. Also, why are there frozen vegetables? I don’t even want to answer that. The dish also seemed a little small for the price.


The ma-po tofu was okay. I think they could have added more chili oil and less soy bean paste. The dish had a lot of soy bean paste and then took a while for the spiciness to kick-in. I think this restaurant likes frozen vegetables because they were also in this dish…


Ho Fung Restaurant was okay. I like their fried rice and give that two thumbs up. The other two dishes were somewhat disappointing because even other mediocre restaurants have a better version of these.Surprisingly, I would have to say Hon’s is so far leading in the go-to Chinese delivery restaurant in the area. I know restaurants make mistakes, but it also would have been nice to be given a little something extra since I had to wait another 40 minutes before I could eat (since they were at fault and it would have been a nice gesture).

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