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I have lived in Vancouver since 2007 after moving out from Calgary for University. Now that I have graduated and am working, I am now free to dine out and cook more foods that I enjoy. I want to share my experiences with you!

Chez Meme Baguette Bistro

I am still alive, don’t worry (for you very few readers out there). I have a few recipes and am just touching up the recipe. I also didn’t like how the photos turned out so I will have to make it again (nothing wrong with that since it was de~lish).

Because my role in a year long project is coming to a close, I will most likely have to leave my desk within another department. I was very fortunate to make new friends who I was able to ask for advice, rant, and talk about food with. I had a blast with everyone (and they also had the BEST department lunchroom). As a going away meal, we decided to go to Chez MeMe Baguette Bistro. It’s a little far from my workplace but this was a special occasion.  Thankfully, I’m not leaving the workplace so I am glad I can still swing by and visit their offices, in addition to making lunch and dinner plans.

Back to Chez Meme. I feel sorry for those who cannot eat gluten. The bread and ingredients are incredibly fresh. If you are craving a sandwich that reminds you of home, this is where you should eat. It is the perfect lunch meal (probably why they are only open during breakfast/lunch hours). Their, as  you figured, baguettes are perfect. I am fairly certain they are baked daily since it has the bread’s signature texture: crisp and crackling outside with a soft pillow-like interior. It is so authentic that it brings me back to Nice, Paris, where my friend and I enjoyed a freshly baked baguette shortly after sunrise. If my flashback memory has not enticed you to go, then I will bluntly tell you that this is a must-eat place.

Not only are the baguettes fresh but the soup of the day is vegetarian and dairy free. I have been to the restaurant a few times and they have all been root-vegetable based so if that is something you don’t fancy, their french fries are also great. They are fried to a golden brown and you get a mountain worth.

For my going-away lunch, I tried the Schnitzel. The amount of each ingredient was so well balanced that I could definitely taste everything after the first bite. Surprisingly, my favorite ingredient was the tomato because it really brightened up the sandwich with its acidity.


(Oh no! Look at that overexposed fry!)

Eventually, I will work my way through the menu. So far, my favorite is the Jarret (Red wine braised lamb with lettuce, roasted garlic jam, and grainy Dijon served on a baguette). I’ve always liked lots of meat in my sandwich and combines red wine and garlic, items that I love. The texture of the meat contrasted with the bread has a lot of textures going on in my mouth, in a good way of course.

If you and a few friends are committed to going, I suggest making a reservation because it is busy. Yes, this place that only has 8-10 tables takes reservations so take advantage of it. Another colleague commented that they are open 1 Saturday a month so if you cannot make your way to the restaurant on a weekday, give them a call and check.

See you next time!

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